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Welcome to Simple Miner! Simple Miner is a game, where you mine cobblestone and earn in-game currency. You can upgrade the market and sell your mined cobblestone for more money. You can also buy pickaxe upgrades which will make it so you have to click less until the cobblestone breaks. The game features a saving system so all your earned money and levels get saved even if you close the game. You can also delete all progress by pressing F1 in the main menu. There really is no way to beat this game, it goes on forever (until you decide to never play this game again). The point of this game? Well... You get the satisfaction of earning money and buying upgrades to mine more and more and more and more...


Simple Miner is my (WilliuZ) first game I have ever made. I would love to hear what you think about the game. Please share your feedback, report any bugs that you might find in the comments below, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Please do not reupload, decompile or modify the game files without my permission.

Future Queued Updates (speculated)

  • CPS Counter (tracks and shows the users click speed - clicks per second)
  • Sound (such as mining sounds or button click sounds etc)
  • Auto-Miners (will mine cobblestone automatically)
  • Better art (better main menu logo)
  • Quests (finishing quests will give you more money and/or xp)
  • XP (will unlock new upgrades and other stuff in the shop)
  • Cobblestone cracking effect (when the cobblestone gets damaged, it becomes more and more cracked, until it breaks, similar to Minecraft)

Install instructions

Extract the files (minerclicker.exe and data.win) to a folder. It is recomended to keep the data.win file in the same folder with minerclicker.exe, it contains required data for the game to run.


Simple Miner 1.1.2 2 MB

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